Sunday, October 12, 2008

Uncle Ram Dass' Moving Words

What a great event earlier this afternoon!

"Uncle" Ram Dass held an online presentation and of course, he provided us with an insight about our present situation......

I am reminded of how in previous times (but also familiar!), he had a photo of Casper Weinberger on his home altar to keep generating love in the face of all of the fear, hatred, negativity going on in the world.

Today he tells us that it is up to each of us individually to stop this illusion of lack, missing trillions of dollars, seperation from each other. He reminds us that when he keep our hearts mindful, we cultivate awareness of freedom and spaciousness. That each of us have wisdom, compassion and peace in our souls.

"Peace for us comes from the heart. If you consider yourself at the center and tun into the peach within, you are a peaceful person. Peaceful citizens elect peaceful officials. Our President's responsibility is to stop the fear".

"You have a responsibility to bring your gift to other human beings. Your gift is to go in, and in, and in to come to a place of peace. It's all in us - all wisdom, all peace, all love, all compassion. It's in everyone of us."

"Maybe you could start a space in your house - a puja table - a quiet space where you can take one hour before you start your dance in the world - in that place, remind yourself of the peace within you. Take that and spread it to your family, your friends, your pets. This will grow from one citizen to another and soon citizens are peaceful. Soon the LEADERS are peaceful and you did it!"

Ram Dass recommends, besides meditation to - not take everything so personally, to forgive and forget, give up jealousy, accept the now and don't try to change what is. Generate the feeling that the whole world is my family. Generate that I love the whole world. Cultivate calmness and tranquility.

Dig deep for peace - it will shine through you and this is the light that the world can surely use.



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