Thursday, April 12, 2007

Farewell Kurt Vonnegut

How do we say farewell to such a lovely/lively character of this generation? I love this photo sent around today (thanks to Shannon O'Tudi for turning me on to this one!)
It seems now that he joins the ranks of Hunter S. Thompson - I can only imagine the hell they will be raising together from the "other side" - wherever that is!
I found this today too - Vonnegut's last book( in 2005) was a collection of biographical essays, "A Man Without a Country."

In concludes with a poem called "Requiem," with these closing lines:

When the last living thing

has died on account of us,

how poetical it would be

if Earth could say,

in a voice floating up


from the floor

of the Grand Canyon,

"It is done."

People did not like it here.
** Farewell Mr. Vonnegut**

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Karma Points for Everyone!

Here's for each of us - just print this and pass it along!!!! Lord knows, we all need extra credit in this life!
I just happened to love this one!!!!!!!!!