Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year

And a Happy New Year to all!

What a wonderous year and lovely way to enjoy the start of 2008 - with an old friend - eating fresh Dungeness crab (it's amazing that I can STILL stomach any of that) - parmesan oysters and grilled salmon. Great thanks and blessings to the sea creatures who fed us so well!

My thoughts regarding the holiday season have been both reflective and raging (you wouldn't expect anything less than that?!) Raging over the same-old-good-old-boy network politics that have brought this country (and the good people who live here) to the brink of disaster among our fellow citizens in the world. I'm counting the days until we can claim our country back - I for one, can't wait for the next swing of the pendulum.

Time spent with good friends this year has been rich beyond belief. No one is sitting still, sitting on their hands, biding their time. Everyone is elbow deep in the stuff of life and mostly facing it with the real grit and guts required to live in this time. I have spent time with friends on their way down the aisle and others who are exiting marriages/relationships/careers. Times they are a changing....and yet, on my way to the grocery store the radio is blasting out "Radar Love" (sorry to have freaked out Jack Estes with my special project on bikers using this song for background with my photos/interviews...... circa 1977). Fact of the matter is - you can find video of Golden Earring on YouTube............. but I digress.............. (I am beginning to see that time really is illusion!) and my younger brother AND his wife are both bikers now - what's up with that?????????????

Thoughts on the first day of 2008..............life is short - do it now and forget about being sensible, sane or even practical. Tell me what you plan to do.
My friend Ann is turning 50 this year and her 3 daughters and their cousins are putting forth a proposal for "AB FEST"..........you heard it - a festival of abs and those crazy women are working their bellies to create un natural six pack abs........I'll be bringing along my luscious 56 year old woman / yogini abs which will likely stay covered.
What do you think?