Saturday, February 24, 2007

I could not have said it better!

I found this yesterday and burst out laughing wanting to send it to all of my best girlfriends. Many of you have/are facing life-threatening illness/treatments, recovering from life-threatining illness/treatments, relationships, marriages, kids, careers, education and just the plain old wear and tear of living in this world right now.
This sums it up - this is the "pull yerself up by yer bootstraps and get over it". There is no self-help book, class, DVD, drug or drink that can take the place of well-placed lipstick or just a good joke with the good women who walk this world today. I am blessed beyond measure to know a whole world full of women who are standing tall with integrity and grace.
I commend all of you who have touched my life!
My friend Peter tells me that he just CAN'T resist kissing a woman wearing fresh lipstick - it took me a couple of attempts to get out the door before I figured this one out and decided that the only way to get him to the airport was to NOT wear lipstick!
Yeh - this is a bit on the "light" side but I'm ready for the sun and some of those lovely bulbs to burst through the rotting leaves to be a bright color in the midst of the gray!