Friday, February 08, 2008

Latest passion and tools for relaxation.

I'm now enjoying time at the knitting needles (thanks Kathleen!!!).
My good friend Kathleen Tate taught me how to knit, how to purl, how to knit two together, how to yarn over and there you have it! I have found a great way to relax and rewind life. My initial projects drove my Mom crazy at Thanksgiving since I didn't know how to cast on. I would knit until I made a mistake and then ask her to cast on........ a very zen way to start knitting! All about the process rather than the result and mix in some great ways to imagine away the time and relax my brain.
Today I had the oil changed in my car at my favorite Volvo place and one of the other patrons had the nerve to try to engage me in conversation whilst I was knitting. Mind you, 8 am on a rainy and cold Oregon day is not the finest time to chit chat. (those of you who know my work understand my deep need for quiet and space). I enjoy the type of knitting that requires focus, attention, counting and breathing.............the other patron couldn't seem to see what I needed and instead blathered on about how she saw a coyote this morning (what the hell! We had one come knock on our door!) cold it isn't this just the right place to enjoy peace and quiet........
I stayed quiet...........silently knitting...........lifting up my project to show her...........never uttering a word...........
I'm sure she thinks I'm a mute
That's ok
I am sometimes and that's just right for me!